After a long absence, I am back.  I am still very busy but I plan to update this newsletter regularly.

I have not gone to National Quartet Convention since 2007 when I was honored by Clark Beasley to be interviewed on Friday night on the main stage.  NQC was celebrating 50 years of existence and I had attended the first one in Memphis in 1957 and most of the years between then and 2007. So I guess I’ll have to quit pretending to be 21 or 39 years old.  Especially since I have been teaching for over 50 years.  ( I started teaching just before my 16th birthday, so you can do the math.)

I miss seeing the many friends I have made at NQC over the years. Of course, some have gone home to be with the Lord.  I hope to be able to attend NQC again soon.  Meanwhile, I would love to hear from any of you by email or telephone.

Many of you will remember my mother who always came with me to NQC and to other places where I taught seminars, attended concerts and singings, judged music festivals and spoke to music teacher groups.  Mother is 92 years old (she will be 93 in March) and is at Generations of Vernon, a long-term care center.  She began to have dementia and it became worse after she had a stroke in 2002.  I cared for her at home until she suffered a horrible fall 3 days after her 90th birthday.

My family had suggested that I put her in long term care for about 2 years before her fall because of her failing health and advancing dementia.  I had kept sitters with her for several months at home.  I could no longer keep her after she fell in March of 2009.  I was given and read  the book, “The 36 Hour day” after she went to Generations and it described the life of the caretaker.  I had had many “36 hour days” taking care of her at home.  She is well and happy.  She knows she is in a medical facility, I think, but she is not aware of exactly where or what it is.

I am still teaching a lot of students, promoting music festivals, having the students in recitals and programs.  And I am still preparing new teaching materials.  I visit Mother 3 or 4 times a week.  I went every day for months and it is a 50 mile round trip from our home. In fact, I was there so much the residents thought I was on the staff and asked me for help!


The most exiting thing in the past few years (and my life!!) was that through music I met Doug Wooten in 2006 and I produced a CD for him in 2007.  He is an excellent singer and a wonderful person.  We got married on Valentines Day, 2010.  (See pictures on photo page.)  We had a small, beautiful wedding and then our friends gave us a wonderful reception a month later.  We are living at my home and having a wonderful time.

Doug and I promote a Gospel Concert in our community each month.  I will write more about that soon (and also more about Doug) and I will put some pictures on the photo page.

That is it for now.  More later.  Keep in touch and keep playing and singing Gospel music!!

Let me know if I can help you in any way.

In His Service,

Iva G. Wooten
Ps. 149:1